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Posted by Wahab on January 26, 2004 at 03:00:41:

Fibrok a top-of-the line buying agency with world wide contacts is a success story all the way through. It has built up its credentials through on-time deliveries and through a determined effort to win over the confidence of its buyers.

Fibrok , a key player in textile buying and cotton production, can source garments, fabrics and yarn for its clients

Fibrok is buying woven and knitted garments for many renowned importers overseas.
Fibrok has the most experienced and qualified staff to work for its clients. It is adroit in the execution of orders. Besides, it knows the market conditions at home and overseas well enough.
With Fibrok , one is a winner all the way through. No vain boast. Try us and you will know how true it is. kindly contact us if you need any help from Pakistan to buy fabric , garments , home made ups etc .. visit our web site at and see the products we can offer from Pakistan

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