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Posted by Xiangyang gao on January 16, 2004 at 04:59:56:

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Shaanxi Tianwei Biological Products Co., Ltd has already established business relationship with over 200 customers, endeavoring to bring superior products and service solutions to industries and consumers around the world.
As a leading natural vitamin E and phytosterol manufacturer in China, Shaanxi Tianwei Biological Products Co., Ltd specializes in producing Natural Vitamin E, Phytosterol, Stigmasterol, Methyl fatty acid etc. in accordance with FCC standard.
The phytosterol we are producing is distillated from vegetable oil, so it keeps the natural characteristics:
Item Quality level
Total sterol ≥50% 90-95%
Beta Sitosterol ≥30% 40-45%
Stigmasterol ≥10% 20-25%
Campesterol ≥10% 20-30%
Specific rotator ≤-30 ≤-30
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Source: Deodorized distillates of vegetable oil
Package: Paper Board Drum(15kg/20kg)
Phytosterol is one of our main products. It has been exported to many countries. We will give you a competitive price. We hope to set up a good relationship with you.

Tel:+86 29 87347450
Fax:+86 29 87318561

Best regards

Xiangyang Gao
Sales Manager

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