common Fenugreek PE 20%£¬40% 4-Hydroxy-L-isoleucline HPLC

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Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ...

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Posted by andy bi on January 13, 2004 at 00:27:25:

Xuancheng baicao plant industry and trade co., one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of botanical extracts and herbal extracts in China.We can supply almost all sorts of standardized herbal extracts.Adress:xuancheng economic develping zone.anhui.china.P.C.:242000.
TEL:86-563-2621078-803/2620888,FAX:86-563-2621028,MOBILE:86-13865351156. contact person:MR.andy bi, about the products as follows:

Cortex Moutan Extract /tree peony bark extract 99%paeonol HPLC 8%-90%PaeoniflorinHPLC
Chrysanthemum extract(ju hua)/flos chrysanthemi extract(ju hua) 12:1
indian dendranthema flower extract/flos chrysanthemi indici(ye ju hua) 10:1
leonurus sibiricas P.E.(yi mu cao) 10:1
Pueraria lobat P.E./ Kudzu Root P.E.( ge gen) 40%Isoflavones 80%UV/HPLC
animal extracts(zonglvzi) 10£º1
radix linderae extract/combined spicebush root extract£¨wuyao£© 5:1
Astragalus Membranaceus Extract(Astragasli P.E.)30% ,40%,50%,70%
Polysaccharides UV£¬0.1%,0.3%Astragalosides HPLC
Dan-shen extract(dan shen)8:1£¬
Banlangen Isatis Root Radix Isatidis 5£º1
Chuanshanrong Ningpo Yam Rhizome Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae 5£º1
Qianhu Hogfennel Root Radix Peucedani 5£º1
Qiancao Indian Madder Root Radix Rubiae 5£º1
Xiakucao Common Selfheal Fruit -spike Spica Prunellae 5£º1
Lighiyellow Sophora Root P.E (ku shen)5:1£¬
herba houttuyniae extract(yu xing cao) 10:1£¬
Common cnidium extract(she chuang zi) Osthole10%/12:1
Raspberry extract(fu peng zi) 12:1
Olive Leaf Extract(Olea europaea L) 6%Oleuropein
Eucommia bark extract(du zhong pi) 20:1
Eucommia leaf extract(du zhong ye) 7:1
Jujube P.E. (da zao)5:1/10:1
Gymnema PE 10£º1 20£º1
CHE QIAN CAO Plantago Herb PE, 5:1
jinyingzi Rosehips extract 4:1
Lycium Chinese mill P.E(gou qi). 8:1
Ginkgo biloba P.E.(yin xing) 24%/6%
Giant Knotweed Extract(hu zhang) Resveratrol 20%/40%
Rehmannia(cooked) extract(shu di huang) 6:1
Loquat leaf extract(pi pa ye) 12:1/ 2% ursolic acid 25%HPLC
Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae extract (fen fang ji)10:1
Schisandra Extract(wu wei zi) 2%Schisandrins 5% 10% UV
Saw Palmetto Berry extract(ju zhong lv) 4:1
shortorned epimedium P.E.(yin yang huo) 10% 20%
Corydalis Yanhusuo P.E.(yan hu suo) 10:1
Jugeng Platycodon Root Radix Platycodi 5¡Ã1
Sijiqing Purpleflower Holly Leaf Folium Ilicis Purpureae 5£º1
Shanzhuyu Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit Fructus Corni 5¡Ã1
Huangjing Solomonseal Rhizome Rhizoma Polygonati 5¡Ã1
Haijinsha Japanese Climbing Fern Spore Spora Lygodii 5¡Ã1
Chuipencao Strngy Stonecrop Herb Herba Sedi 5¡Ã1
Rosehips extract (jin ying zi)4:1
Heterophylly Falsestarwort Root extract/ Radix Pesudostellariae extract(Taizishen) 5£º1
Radix isatidis chrysanthemun flower P.E.(ban lan gen) 4:1/10:1
Reishi mushroom P.E(ling zhi) 5:1
Honey suckle flower P.E(jin yin hua). 7:1/10:1
Folium artemisiae argri P.E(ai ye). 4:1
Wild yam P.E(shan yao). 5:1
green tea extract,20%£¬30%£¬40%£¬50%£¬60%£¬70%£¬80%£¬90%£¬95%£¬98%
dong quai P.E. 4:1/3£º1/ 1%Ligustilide
Echinacea purpurea P.E. (Echinacea Purpurea) 4%Polyphenols,1%Chicoricacid UV 4% Echinacaedides HPLC /5:1
Siberians ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticose)(Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosi)
0.8%,1.5%EleutherosideB+E HPLC
Ginger Extract 10£º1
Siberian Milkwort Extract 4:1
kava kava 30% Kakalactones
St. john's wort P.E. (Hypericum Perforatum L.) 0.3%,0.33%Hypericin UV/HPLC
Apple Polyphenol75%
red clover8,10,20%
Horseradish leaf 5£º1
Reishi Mshroom Extract 5£º1
28Octacosanol30% - 90% GC
Huperzine A99%HPLC
Citrus Aurantium P.E.Synephrine 4%-30%
Black Cohosh P.E.Triterpenoides Saponis 2.5%HPLC
Fo-Ti P.E. 10:1HPLC
Ginseng P.E./radix ginseng extract 80%UV Ginsenosides
Grape Seed P.E. OPC95%UV
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum P.E. (Herba Gynostemmatis Pentaphylli) 80% ,98%Gypenosides UV
Horsetail P.E.Silica 7%UV
Huperzia Serrate P.E.Huperzine 1% 5%HPLC
Hawthorn P.E.(fructus crataegi pinnatifidae)Vitexin-2''-rhamnoside 2.0%HPLC
Oat P.E.10£º1
Pine Bark P.E.OPC 95%UV
Rhodiola Rosea P.E. (Rohdiola Sacra) Salidroside 1%,2%,3%HPLC
Saw palmetto P.E.Fatty acid 25%GC
Soybean Isoflavones P.E.Isoflavones 40%HPLC
Tribulus Terrestris P.E.(fructus tribuli P.E.) 40% ,45% ,70%tribulus terrestris Saponins UV
Wild Yam P.E.Diosgenine 6-16%HPLC
White Willow Bark P.E (Salix alba)15%,25%,30%Salicin HPLC
Pomegranate P.E. Ellagic acid 40%HPL
Valerian RootValerenic Acids 0.3%HPLC
Galanthamine 1% 98% HPLC
common Fenugreek PE/semen trigonellae extract(hulubazi) 15£º1 20%£¬
40% 4-Hydroxy-L-isoleucline HPLC
Pyrethrum Extraction :25% 50% 70%
Powder of Pyrethrum Flower1.3%
White Kidneybeans Extract Powder 1%Phaseolin 10:1 HPLC TLC
Shitake Mushroom ExtractPowder 10%£¬20%Polysaccharides UV
Senna Leaf Extract Powder 6%£¬8%£¬10%Sennoside
Red Clover Extract Powder2.5% 8%11%20%Isoflavone
Jujuba Extract Powder2% Total Jujubosides UV 2% Jujuboside HPLC
Blushred Rabdosia ExtractPowder2.5% Oridonin Ponicidin HPLC
Cassia Nomame ExtractPowder8% Flavanols UV

Should any of the items listed happen to meet your demands, please feel free to contact us directly. Our quotations and samples will be forwarded upon receipt of your specific enquiries.
As the catalog only shows part of the itmes we are handling, if you are seeking for a certain special item which is not listed, please also kindly let us know. We shall reply to you very soon.

xuancheng herbal material industry and trade co.,ltd
Adress:xuancheng economic developing zone.anhui.china
contact person: MR. andy bi

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