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Posted by Arcadia Group on January 08, 2004 at 07:53:15:


Combo Unit (Black Box, GPS, GPRS-SMS)

Our Company is the producer and exporter of custom designed Vehicle Tracking Systems.
GPS (Global Positioning System)
"Arcadia - In GPS (Global Positioning System)" necessary technical instruments are maintained as simple as possible and it is sought that the attributes it embodies are flawless and functional. In addition to the “standard- GPS global Positioning System” which is a must in all global positioning systems, some specific attributes which are suitable for the demands and needs of the customer companies can also be joined.
The Features of Standard (Basic) GPS Global Positioning
· The position and speed data of the vehicle is sent to the center between demanded intervals over the GSM operator (mobile phone)·
· Communication between the vehicle and the center can be sustained through SMS (short messaging service) and/or data line. GPRS / GSM / SATELLITE
· The vehicle automatically demonstrates the position and speed data to the center between demanded intervals.
· Whenever demanded with a message sent to the vehicle from the center, the vehicle automatically sends the position and speed data to the center (polling)
· The vehicles are demonstrated on a digital map with demanded standard shapes (lorry, TIR, bus, etc).
· The identity info of the vehicle being followed on map is demonstrated.
· In case there is no data transfer at a time from a vehicle connected to the system, the operator is warned by the system with a note.
· The system at the center prepares a report related to the demanded vehicle.
· The datas related to the vehicles are recorded to the database and later on, if necesary, these datas can be used.
The addresses of the demanded vehicles are demonstrated in the center.

Optional Features Which Can Be Joined to the System

· Mutual messages can be sent between the vehicle and the center.
· Vehicle reports its position when it comes to specific points.
· A warning data is sent to the center when the vehicle rests in a place (when it stays unmoving more than a specific time.)
· Demanded centers (points) can be identified on the map.
· Warning signal is sent at the moments of entrance and exit to and from the identified centers (points).
· The time of the arrival between identified centers (points) can be calculated.
The total mileage got during all the travels can be calculated

Other Features
· Barcode can be added to the system.
· The temperature can be recorded at the vehicle’s depotwithin specific intervals or can be sent to the center.
· When the identification of the opening of a door or a cover is demanded, the system can report this to the center by identifying and recording.
Visual data can be transferred to the center by adding a camera to the system.

The most important practising field of the global positioning and data communication project with GPS satellite system, which is developed by Arcadia it self, is the following of fleets of transportation and travelling vehicles within the country or abroad.

When especially the extent of the land transportation in our country is considered, the importance of a more healthy planning of transportation vehicles and developing their security and efficiency is easily understood.

The inter-city travel and transportation sector which always seeks new and modern developments will realize great movements and increase their efficiency to a great extent with these modern and hi-tech solutions presented by Arcadia.
Arcadia Group

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