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Posted by Edison Apolonio on January 05, 2004 at 00:03:04:

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am hoping that you can help us.

We have a client in Asia who wants to purchase upto 3 (Three) Million Metric Tons of Iron Ore per year. We have been unable to locate a qualified supplier here, within Australia, who can supply a substantial quantity of iron ore... as their total output are already under contract.

Can you please let me know if you could be of assistance or perhaps you can direct me to the right person/department within your company who can. We are willing and able to provide more details when needed.

But first, we need to establish whether YOU are indeed capable of supplying such a commodity - as per specs below.

We have several buyers so it is pretty much a case of "we will take whatever you can give us". Obviously, prices may vary according to grade but the details below are the acceptable range. Regarding pricing, we need FOB and CIF pricing due to various buyers requirements. The delivery port for our largest buyer is LianYunGang, China. Delivery Port for other buyers are TBA (To Be Advised).

Please do not hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions. In the meantime, have a look at the Iron Ore details below:


Fe: 63.5-67%(min)
Rejection: Below 60%
SiO2: 4% Max
Al2O3: 3% Max
Phos: 1% Max
S: 0.8% Max
Physical size: 10% above 10mm, 90% below 10mm
Usage: Steel for construction.
Quantity: Minimum 60,000mt per shipment.


I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

Edison Apolonio (Mobile Phone: +61 414 591 309)

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