World First Natural Herb Energy Drink, Hangov

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Posted by Cheers Drink on January 03, 2004 at 02:48:08:

CHEERS is a rare natural herb based concoction which Far East people have used for over a thousand years to inhibit and/or alleviate the after effects of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Now this prime remedy of mother nature becomes available to international consumers worldwide through our new CHEERS, a health drink developed to protect drinkers by decreasing alcohol absorption, increasing hepatic metabolism, inhibiting post alcoholic consumption symptoms and effects and practically freeing people who drink CHEERS from hangovers.

Such CHEERS are seeking for collaborations with overseas distributors in order to promote this brand new to the world of alcohol lovers but health conscious.
Please meet us at /

USAGES: Drink before & after Drink, Chaser or Mixer with alcohols, Refreshing Beverage as Quencher or Dietary Health Drink, Sports Drink
All kinds of alcoholic hangover symptoms: Consuming alcohol daily / Losing controls easily when consuming alcohol / Becoming enervated the next day / Having foul breath and unquenchable thirst / Rising body temperature / Hastening heartbeats and heartthrobs / Experiencing headaches, stuffy chest, stomachaches, diarrhea, etc. / Feeling nausea or vomiting / Repeating Black Out / Thirst and dried lips and mouth.

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