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Posted by Lester Matthews on October 24, 2003 at 18:55:55:

LM Global Resources, Inc.

U.S.A. Rig No. 207


New/newly refurbished Al Hicks derrick 20 ft. W X 142 ft. H
S/N #1
Consisting of
Al Hicks on floor cantilever drilling mast 142’ clear height (unused) by 20’ base with an equivalent API gross nominal capacity of 1.3 million lbs and a static hook load capacity of 950,000 lbs on 12 lines to the block and 115 MPH wind load capacity on mast only and 84 MPH with pipe rack in the mast as per lines.
Raising sheaves A-frames mast and A- frame shoes with blots, mast pins and bolts full heights vertical ladders, jacking pads installed on front legs and on the back legs. Includes the following: Crown block flat face of traveling block faces

derrick man with 6-60” diameter cluster, sheaves and 1-60” diameter fast line sheave all with tapered rollers. Bearings grooved for 1-3/8” diameter wire line and mounted on crown frame with pad eyes complete with line guards and bumper blocks. Deadline is located on off drillers side second sub from the ground. Crown cluster is skewed to reduce twisting of the traveling blocks at the racking board elevation.

Racking platform with capacity of 200 stands of 4-1/2” drill pipe, 13 stands of 6-1/2” drill collars, 4 stands of 8” drill collars complete with safety chains for fingers, diving board access catwalk, hinged floor slab over the fingers on the drillers side and 6’ high hand rails for windbreak (less windbreak)

Racking board capacity of 200 stands of drill pipe equals 19,200 feet, 13 stand of drill collar equals 1,248 feet for a total depth capacity of 20,448 feet.

Pipe racking floor with API 4-E certification 500,000 lbs. Substructure and rotary beam capacity 900,000 lbs with API 4-E certification.

1-set of 2 tong counter weight bucket guides wire lines and ton block
1-catline with sheave unit 14” diameter bronze busing sheave grooved for 5/8” wire line and swivel mount
1-set of standpipe clamps for single 5-5/16” O.D. standpipe mounted on the drillers side. Standpipe manifold 10,000 test 5,000 working pressure
1-10,000 lb valve on standpipe
1-10,000 lb kill line valve
1-10,000 lb bleed off valve
1-pump pressure gauge
1-pump pressure sending unit
1-2” bull plug
1-set of flooring for the substructure and engine skids. Floor consists of Ό” checkered plate welded to top of substructure boxes and removable flooring between the boxes with 3/8” checkered plate from the front of draw works forward and Ό” checkered plate elsewhere.
1-Al Hicks 24’W x 26’H x 43’L box-on-box substructure with 24’W x 16’H x 21’L step-down F/engine and compound, rotary beams, step landing, safety rails (unused)
1-Hercules 120 deadline anchor, S/N-262 (unused)

New/newly refurbished 3 engine compound,
rotary beams, V Door catwalk,
Three rebuilt C-300-100 National torque converters powered by three Cat 399 engines mounted on compound skids. Engines rebuilt by Mustang Caterpillar in Houston, Texas. Three new radiators. New chains from compound to draw works. New oiler pumps in compound.
Torque Converters
#1 S/N
#2 S/N
#3 S/N
Cat Engines
#1 Model D-399AA S/N 035B03296
#2 Model D-399 S/N 035B03281
#3 Model D-399 S/N 035B03192

New/newly refurbished Safety rails – 3 sets of new stairs – 5 sets newly refurbished.

New/newly refurbished B.D.W. 1350-M single drum draw works S/N D196182 Lebus
Grooved for 1-3/8 drill line, Western catheads, drillers console
controls, par mac 481 single hydromatic water brake S/N 5364
Draw works include NEW 28 inch spiders, drums and clutches and NEW 24 inch spiders, drums and clutches

New/newly refurbished Compound – Superior RC-1500 3 section compound S/N 2481
double pedestal pump drive, starter boxes, each section with crimped steel sides 8 ft. W X 34 ft. L, engine covers, with engine skid. Has complete grasshopper drive up to draw works

New Top dog house for rig floor. Inside dog house the following is
installed. Four wall lockers for drillers. One heater, one BOP
remote, one work bench, one microwave and one refrigerator.
Built in bench storage lockers, windows installed in unit.
36.5’ Long X 8’ Wide X 9’ Height

New Rig floor. All new handrails installed. Mud line through substructure and rig floor to fill casing installed with on/off switch on drillers console.

New/newly refurbished Rig handling Tools: Two pair Foley tongs 9 N 53 complete
with tong heads 4-1/2” to 6-3/4”
3 sets Dencon drill pipe slips 5”
2 sets each 41/2’’, 5’’ Dencon elevators
1 set each Drill collar slips Varco or equivalent 6-1/2” and 8”
1 each drill collar clamp Varco or equivalent adjustable up to
1 each lifting sub for drill collar 6-1/2” and 8”
5 each 2’’ 10,000 lbs test chicksan steel hose
1 each Hydrashear drill line cutter serial# 14064

New Electrical in derrick. One new crown light (red). 10 new derrick
lights. Four new outside lights mounted on top dog house. Two
new lights mounted on back side of A-legs to light rig. Two new
lights on off driller side lighting shaker tank. Four new lights
lighting inside rig floor. Two new lights lighting V-door and pipe
racks. Four new lights mounted in substructure lighting BOP
stack. Two new lights mounted on back side of sub to light mud

New/newly refurbished Mud tanks (1500 BBL system). Suction tank 10’ W X 55’ L X 8’
H with four lights including new wiring and explosion proof
boxes. Mud mixing skid – containing two mud mixing hoppers
complete with two 75 hp motors powering two 6” X 8” Mission Magnum pumps. With the ability to act as charge pumps for the 1300 hp. Triplex mud pumps in the event a charge pump on the triplex pump were to malfunction. Three mud mixing agitators, 5 horse power, installed in suction pit. Three cellar jets installed in suction tank. Jets will be able to suck mud from tank for haul off. Suction tank volume 500 barrels.

New/newly refurbished Middle mud tank – 10’ W X 48’ L X 8’ H. volume 500 barrels.
Four light with explosion proof boxes and new wiring installed.
Three agitators installed. Three cellar jets in stalled to suck mud
out of tank to haul off.

New/newly refurbished Shaker Tank 10’ W X 48’ L X 8’ H volume 500 barrels. Four
lights with explosion proof boxes and new wiring installed. Three agitators installed. 12 cone Demco de-silter Two cone Demco de-sander. Two 60 hp explosion proof motors with two 6” X 8” mission magnum pumps. Dual shakers (milchem flowline cleaners). Six staircases. All new handrails installed on mud pits.

New/Newly Refurbished 4 new centrifugal pumps
” 8X6X14 with 14’’ Imp.
Serial numbers: 1230
Complete with 7 “lightnin’ Agit.
Serial numbers: 09228775
Water Pump Skid complete with
2 mission 1 7/8
Pedestal Pumps
2 Electric motors with controllers
FR/356 T

New/newly refurbished Mud Pumps – one F-B-1300 EMSCO mud pump (number one)S/N 118. One F-A-1300 EMSCO mud pump (number two) S/N 108
Each mud pump is charged with 75 hp. explosion proof motors powering 6” X 8” magnum pumps. Each mud pump is powered by compound drive. (Three section superior compound) New air clutches.

New/newly refurbished EMSCO Traveling block S/N 1541 – 500 ton with BJ hook S/N 534 500 ton using 1-3/8” drill line. EMSCO 500 ton swivel S/N L-650. EMSCO 27-1/2” Rotary table S/N T-2750 -with master bushings and inserts.

New/newly refurbished Parts house and change house – 8’ W X 34’ L X 8’ H
Cat walk – 60 feet long
One wireline unit Mathley with counter Serial #2082A complete with electric motor 15 HP 230 V/FR/254T Serial # AJ569113 with foot recorder.
Ingersal Rand Air hoist
One set of raising lines
Three air compressors (one driven off compound) (two electric)
Mfg. Ingersal Rand

A) Sullair Model #10-B-30
S/N 00356626
120 Cubic Feet per minute
Explosion Proof Motor 40 HP
B) Ingersoll Rand Model #301080H
S/N# 30-T-664029
120 Cubic Feet per Minute
Compound Driven
C) Ingersoll Rand
Explosion Proof motor 40 HP
Two 25 foot air volume tanks mounted driller’s side in sub-structure (20’’ OD)

400 barrel water tank with pump with 4 X 6 Mission pumps
One oil lubster with four compartments 6-1/2’ W X 12’ L X 3’ H
One 46’ X 5-1/4” Hex Kelly and bushings (5 inch Kelly bushings serial# 315236)
Two 10 foot elevator bales

New Stand pipe valve 10,000 psi with 5,000 psi working pressure

New/newly refurbished Upper and lower Kelly Cock Valves TIW manufacturer tested at 5000 psi .

New Kelly hose 10,000 psi, 4” O.D. 3-1/2” I.D. X 65’ long

New One steel tool pusher’s quarters 54’L X 12’ W X 12’ H

New/newly refurbished Generator house 12’ W X 10’ H X 40’ L

New Two Caterpillar 3406 turbocharged diesel engines powering 375 KW generator sets (2) in generator house. New wiring, breakers and plugs installed. Generators can be run parallel at 750 KW.
Cat 3406 DITA Generator Sets w/electric module
#1 S/N 01LS01559
#2 S/N 01LS01560

New/newly refurbished BOP Stack
One single Cameron type 13-5/8” 10,000 lb
One double Cameron type 13-5/8” 10,000 lb.
One Suitcase – 35’ X 3’ X 1’ containing 10 one inch high pressure BOP lines and one 2” air lines BOP mounted on rig floor.
Ram sizes - U.S.A. will supply 3-1/2”, 4-1/2” and 5” one set of blind rams
One Hydril 13-5/8” 5,000 lb.
One six-station Koomy unit consisting of 24 bottle 7 station, 2 air pumps, one electric

New/Newly Refurbished 10,000 psi choke manifold consisting of:
1 manual choke
2 super chokes (C.H. Thornhill Craver Company)
Super Choke Operation Station with:
Standpipe pressure gauge
Manifold gauge
Choke Control
Accumlator pressure gauge
Pump Stroke Indicator
Fast/Slow Choke Control
Serial #107
Remote console on rig floor
One mud cross 13-5/8, 10,000 psi
One HCR valve 4”, 10,000 psi Hydril or equivalent

NEW Drillers Console One Totco “model 75” weight indicator, 10 lines, 750,000 lb ( possibility of 12 lines) rated at 1,000,000 lbs.
Hercules “120” deadline anchor S/N 262.
Spectrum “1000” hook load chart, bit weight, flow return percentage, Total pump strokes, Total active volume, tank active volume, tank gain loss, trip tank volume, kill line pressure, stand pipe pressure, bit weight, rate of penetration, bit weight, rate of penetration, rotary torque, tong torque, hold depth.
Totco RPM gauge 0-300 ft/lb
Pump SPM 0-200
Tong Line Torque 0 – 20000 “wagner”
Table Torque 0 – 500 “Totco”
Pump guage pressure 0 – 5000 “Wagner”
Ton Mile Recorder “Oilfield Instruments Inc.”
Totco Electronic Mud Monitoring System
Total tank system
Gain / Loss
Flow line monitoring system
Trip tank
All systems with alarms
1) 983147 Dual Totco Pneumatic
2) 983145 Recording Systems
Bear Automatic Driller Ser. #7121
Rotary Tourque Weel “RED”
Bear drill line sensor F/Auto Driller “293”
Stand Pipe Guage Serial #7191 B
O’Drill Inc. 0 – 6000 psi
Mud Manifold Sensor Savage Ser #W33089

New/Newly Refurbished Accessories
1 each block stand 11 feet high by 20 feet long
1 each drill line spool – motor driven
1 each headache rack – 29 feet

All first aid, eye wash units and fire extinguishers kits included.

API certifications with attached plates and all transferable warranties and certifications. One complete set of all manuals for all Mustang engines and generators will be supplied at no cost. All other parts manuals will supplied upon request

These are the tests we propose prior to commissioning our rig.

A.) U.S.A. Oilfield test procedures
1.) Operational test of 3406 Cat engines and generators and all electrical applications at Rig #1.
2.) Operational test D-399, C-300 National torque converters, three engine compounds, Draw works, rotary table, block and swivel
3.) Operational test Emsco FB-1300 triplex and Emsco FA-1300 triplex mud pumps by running through stand pipe, Kelly and circulating through pit system.
4.) Operation test of mud cleaning equipment
5.) Operation test of nine (9) agitators and charge pumps and pit system
6.) Operation test of all air equipment
7.) Operation test of all BOP stacks, etc.
8.) Sign off on testing

Lester Matthews, / president

LM Global Resources, Inc.
PO Box 835
Tulsa, Ok.74101
Ph.01 (918) 951-7642
fax 01(281) 403-7682

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