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Posted by King Fortune Electrical Co., Ltd. on September 14, 2003 at 20:40:10:

We are the most experienced and professional manufacturer in Taiwan, with an excellent reputation all over the world. Our products are novel, beautiful and durable . They're convenient able to use anywhere.Lastely Our new developed : Top Grade Fans : have many advantages different from the fans in the market. They're very charming and oscillation smooth, especially our patent : Dual Free Neck : with the wider oscillation angle, you・re able to use convenient more.And we also develop 20" fan KF-2002A, it is very special than other fans, we hope our fan in your market will have nice grades. We also would like to invite you go our website to search for you need the fans, we will very thank you for your partaking.

Welcome to visit: http://www.kingfortune.com.tw

Company: King Fortune Electrical Co., Ltd.
Address: No 92-11, Lane 427, San Kang Rood, Lung Ching Shiang, Taichung Hsien
Phone: 886-4-26303301
Fax: 886-4-26303293
Home Page: www.kingfortune.com.tw

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