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Posted by Jade Ahn on September 12, 2003 at 15:18:46:

Dear Sirs

We are pleased to get touch with you at first time through Internet
As well, we would like to introuduce MP3 Player as follows

Air-borne Dragonfly Outlook
This is one of the Take-the-Heart Models.
All features are optimized for user interfaces that are built-in flash Memory, FM Radio, MP3 Data Storage, Voice Recording, etc.

-Complex Player
multi-player: MP3, WMA and ASF encoding and playback

-Listening FM Radio and Recording
Built in FM Tuner and FM digital/real time Recording.

-Long Playback Hours
15 hours - long playing time with just 1 AAA battery.

-Premium Function - Firmware Upgrade!
Upgrade easily through downloading function

-Equalizer Mode (5) Sound User Interface
Optimize the sound with reference to song by song

-Alarm and Time Control
Arrange the playing time and the recording time

Listening the songs what you request among the restored songs

-Data Storage
MP3/Data file can be stored and transferred to the other PC or MP3 Player and let you know the remained Memory

-Multi-languages and EL Back Light
35 languages service and Display operating mode

-VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
Operate only if voice is caught by sensor. Automatic detection of Voice Activity makes it possible to optimize the recording time and Memory capacity.

-Play Mode and Book Mark
Single, All, Random and Section (A-B) Play Mode

-Portable Player and Storage Instrument
Size: 32 x 17 x 77 mm

-Weight: 33g

- Specification

Category Item Specification
Audio Sound Stereo( L + R )
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Headphone Output 10mW + 10mW
S/N Radio 95dB (MP3)
FM Tuner Frequency Range 87.5 Mhz -108 Mhz
Headphone Output 10mW + 10mW
S/N Radio 50dB
File Support File Type MPEG layer 3 (MP3) , Widow Media Audio(WMA),ASF
Bit Rate Support 8kbps - 320Kbps
Tag ID3 V1 Tag ID3 V2 2.0 ID3 V2 3.0 ID3 V3 4.0
Power Supply Battery 1.5 V AAA Battery 1 EA

General Dimension 32*17*77mm
Weight 33g (Except Battery)
Operation temperature -5 C - 40 C
Memory 128MB / 256MB / 512MB Bult in Flash Memory
Playback hours Approx 15 hours ( AAA battery 1EA 128kbpx , MP3 )
Transfer Rate 4.5 Mbps

Operating System : Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP- Over USB Port

If you have further information about this, feel free to contact me

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