refined cane sugar from Brazil

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Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ...

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Posted by Eddy Park on September 02, 2003 at 08:34:02:

We are sole agent of reliable supplier from Brazil and we welcome inquiries from actual buyers and/or its mandates. But we work on our own procedures as follows.
We can supply this at the following prices.

C & F Any Safe World Port for 50kg bags:
12,500 MT: US$164.50
25,000 MT: US$163.50
50,000 MT: US$161.50
75,000 MT: US$160.50
100,000 MT: US$159.50
All the above prices include USD1.50/mt commission for buyer¡¯s agents.
1. If you are agent or mandate of actual buyers, first sign on NCND of which sample format shall be sent to you upon your requirements.
2. Send us LOIs prepared on its actual buyer¡¯s own letterheads, with idea quantity, destinations and buyer¡¯s bank details.
3. If you are an agent, send us your desired commission per mt together with buyer¡¯s LOI.
4. Then we will send FCOs with its relevant pictures and commission certificate.
5. Buyers may study the contents of FCOs and if acceptable, send us the same FCOs with approval signatures.
6. Thereafter we send contract draft and if acceptable by your buyers, let them send it with their signatures.
7. Make its payments as stipulated on contract and shipments shall be commenced.

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