Press hydraulic effort 20 N for liquid pun

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Posted by Igor Svetenko. on August 31, 2003 at 13:42:37:

Dear sir
We bring to to your attention unique for punching under pressure.
Press hydraulic effort 20 N for liquid punching (fluid stamping).
Press was made under the order of military industrial department, for manufacturing responsible(crucial) details
Military products.
Press hydraulic effort 20 N for liquid punching GOST 7600-76.
The manufacturer the Moscow experimental plant NPO VNIMETMASH.
Since 1960, VNIIMETMASH has been the leading organization for high-capacity hydraulic presses, hydraulic and gasostatic machines as well as for special presses. The institute has designed the world's highest capacity presses with a press force of 75,000 t, technology and equipment for sheet-metal stamping through elastic medium, synthesis of superhard materials, cold and warm isostatic moulding of pieces from powdered materials, fluid stamping, etc.

Year of manufacturing 1984.
Year of putting into operation 1993.
General (common) time of an operating time 18 000 ho

Now Press it is offered to sale.
At your request and in case of your interest we shall inform you necessary technical details and characteristics.
Press is in Russia, in city of Novosibirsk.
The price for conditions EXW Novosibirsk 90 000 $.

Igor Svetenko.

Russia, 630122, Novosibirsk, box 190
phone/fax: +7 3832 211717
cellular: +7 9139224965

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