natural rock salt lamps

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Posted by Eddy Park on June 22, 2003 at 01:35:45:


We supply these in variety of models as flower vase, lighting stands, chess sets, etc at price ranges of USD8 50 ~ USD15.50 per piece FOB, Karachi Pakistan.

Technical specs.
1-Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 98.53%
2-Moisture 0.031%
3-Insoluble matters in water 0.57%
4-Calcium (Ca) 0.25%
5-Sulphate (So4) 0.40%
6-Hardness/Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) ) 0.63%

Breathe Crystal Clear Air:
Now the question automatically arise that what sort of Crystal Clear Air we are talking. Because our surrounding atmosphere is full of filthy and poisioness air which have captured not only outdoor atmosphere but now it has also captured our indoor atmosphere. It is all due to Industrial, Oil, and lot of other Sprays & chemicals used globally for different purpose. Apart from this lots of electronic items emit dangerous radiation. So all these above reasons are causing lot of disease, and now some of the diseases are so much new that no one has heard them before. As air consists of many particles , which are electrically charged , that is positive , negative, and neutral charges. The condition of atmosphere depends on the balance of these which is called ionization.

In today¡¯s environment there are lots of different sources of chemicals which are also called +ions. These are the cause for physical and mental weakness. In ancient days the power of salt used for healing purpose was acknowledged. And still is used in preparation of each and every medicine manufactured.

¨ª Rock Salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s spread soothing home comfort aiming at health effects.
¨ª Rock Slat Herbal Lamp¡¯s are useful with their dual Purpose by being both Colourfull and ionizing.
¨ª Rock Salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s are outstanding and present a natural source for the disposal of negative ions. The warming of crystal with the help of the light bulb or candle will increase this effect.
¨ª Rock Salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s bring¡¯s a refreshing freshness to the air, which we experience at the seaside, mountains, or water falls, this is the reason why we feel good in natural surroundings.
¨ª Rock Salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s creates an atmosphere , which increase the concentration level and power of reactions, which can be faster and make you feel stronger.
¨ª Rock Salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s tested on Asthima Sufferers, in which 55% of patients did not have any Asthimatic Symptoms after 6 month because of the high concept air concentration. This also promoted health in general.
¨ª Rock salt Herbal Lamp¡¯s tested on Hay fever patient¡¯s resulted 54% achievement on successful aliments related to Hay fever. And 62.9% felt a complete alleviation.

Environment friendly product ROCK SALT HEBAL LAMP was awarded the 3rd, best natural product of the year at the 1996 Bio-Fair Frankfurt.

All those places where people are most of the time available.
i.e. working room, resting, room, sleeping room, hobby room and eating room etc. etc.

In Pakistan, from Salt Mine in Distt. Khushab. These mines are more then 1500m below the ground. Each Salt Crystal pieces is very carefully shaped. By hand of very highly technical experts. The Lamp meets all general safety standards.

Welcome inquiries for catalog and price by email to

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