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Posted by LU JUNYUE on November 02, 2002 at 03:08:38:

Our company ( ) special manufacture permanent ferrite magnets and Nd-Fe-B magnets for Electron,speaker,Micro-motor,Education & Stationery,White Board,Gifts,toy & art,health protect,magntic massage ped,etc.the quality follow ISO9001 management.
the product including:
1)Permanent NdFeB magnets.wide range of shapes & sizes,grade N35-N40H.
2)Permanent ferrite magnets,ceramic magnet.Grade C1-C12,Ring magnets DIA 5-220mm,magnetic jewellery, Cylinder magnet,Block magnet 4-200mm, Segment (tile) magnet,Bar & Horseshoe Magnet.
3)Rubber ferrite magnets,Flexible Magnets,
4)Bond NdFeB.
5)Soft ferrite magnet.
6)Magnet button,white board magnet ,colour magnet..
Here is inclosed some of magnets:
1.permanent ferrite magnet,ring size.
32x16x6, 32x16x8, 36x18x6, 36x18x8, 36x18x9 , 45x18x9, 45x22x8,
45x22x9,45x18x7/8,45x22x11, 53x24x9,53x24x10,
53x24x11,60x24x8, 60x24x12/13, 60x32x 10úČ72x32x10, 72x32x13,
72x32x15, 90x36x15úČ90x50x15,90x36x16/17, 100x57x17,
100x57x20úČ 121x57x17, 121x57x20, 134x57x17, 155x57x20,
184x60x20, 220x60x20
2.permanent ferrite magnet,Smaller size
a.permanent ferrite magnet,small cylinder magnet,(Y30 or C5 grade):
6.5*2mm. 12.5*4mm. 15*3mm.17.5*4mm,20*3mm,25*4mm,32*10mm. 50*8mm.
12*12mm. 12*18mm. 19*30mm.
b.permanent ferrite,small ring size(Y30 or C5 grade):
OD13*ID7*2mm, OD14.5*ID9.3*3.5mm.OD16*ID7*5mm. OD17.5*ID7*3mm,OD21*ID7*5mm. OD25*ID12.5*7mm.
OD27*ID17*3mm. OD32*ID16*6mm.OD49*ID28*4mm.
3. NdFeB magnet (N35 Grade):
DIA12.5*1.5mm. DIA9.5*1.5mm.DIA6.5*1.5mm. OD13*ID7*1.5mm.OD6.5*ID2*1.0mm.
4.magnet use for motor.
1.Diameter magnetized 2 poles,OD12*ID5*12mm,OD12*ID5*18mm,OD19*ID7*30mm.
2.Diameter multiple polarized magnetized, OD15*ID4.2*6.5mm,OD25*ID10*7.3mm,OD16*ID7*5mm.
3.Diameter multiple polarized magnetized, OD23.5*ID11*8mm,OD17.5*ID6.5*7mm,OD19*ID10*17mm.
4.Bond NdFeB,Diameter multiple polarized magnetized, OD18*ID14.5*5mm,OD24*ID20.5*10.5mm,OD19*ID14.5*18.5mm
5.Surface multiple polarized magnetized ,OD49*ID28*4mm.
5.Magnet button,white board magnet with colour plastic cap,DIA20,30,40mm for general office use. Assorted colors: Yellow, green, red, white and blue.
6.magnet use for education
Bar magnet for education 30*6*4mm.
Bar magnet for education 50*8*6mm.
Bar magnet for education 35*9*6mm.
Bar magnet for education 115mm*13mm*8mm.
hourseshoe ("U "type) magnet for education 30*30*8*6mm.
horseshoe ("U "type) magnet for education 50*40*8*8mm.
7.Rubber magnets
WIDTH 600mm * 0.5mm thickness * length 30 Meter ,
WIDTH 500mm * 500mm length * 0.5mm thickness,
WIDTH 9mm *3mm thickness * any length,
WIDTH13mm*3mm thickness * any length,
WIDTH18*3mm,thickness * any length.
also we can make the magnet size according to your request.
website:( )

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