OFFER : demetalized CD-PC granulate pellet

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Posted by Polymer Reprocessors Limited, RO in Ukraine on October 19, 2002 at 08:45:21:

We are very able to provide for you demetalized CD/PC granulate/pellet, and I would like to enter
into some discussion as to how we can become your supplier.

Polymer Reprocessors Limited (PRL) was founded in 1996 to develop and introduce innovative
recycling techniques into previously unexplored areas of the plastics waste market where there
was no existing alternative to landfill or incineration.

With mounting international concern over the environmental impact of landfill and the continual
use of valuable and finite natural resources, PRL developed a unique mechanical process to
decollate and recycle compact discs and their integral packaging.

As a result, 100% of the materials from the cased CD's is recycled for use in the manufacture of
various products such as artificial wood and alarm panels, and re-use in the production of CD
jewel cases and reflective light lenses. The paper is recycled into the manufacture of cardboard.

The jewel case is granulated and then fed into an extrusion system fitted with a laser filter for
contaminant removal. The process produces a high quality Crystal Polystyrene pellet which is
reused in a number of applications, including the manufacture of
new CD jewel cases, artificial wood
and insulating foam.

The discs themselves are processed in our unique and patented CD
recycling machines, removing the
paint, aluminium and data from the surface of the disc.

The cleaned disc is then granulated, blended and compounded into
a high quality injection moulding
grade polycarbonate for use in a multitude of applications

We have at this time the possibility of supplying you with CD/PC and I would very much like to
enter into further discussion with yourselves.

I would be most happy to send to you samples of this product, leading onto trial loads and
eventually 20 tonne deliveries.

Because of our UNIQUE process and laser filtration, there is NO CONTAMINATION and it is second
only to the virgin PC product.

Best regards,

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