Political Posters from Soviet Ukraine
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The following image files presented here are visible representations of artifacts of a recent historical period of Ukraine. They are made available here for those who might be interested in viewing these sorts of things and are not in any way an endorsement of the politics of the period in which they were created nor the political statements made in the posters themselves.

Themes of Industrial Production
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  1. Locomotives & Factories are waiting for the Coal of Donbass, 1920, Vasil Yermilov, (1894-1967)
  2. What Have you Done to Help the Donbas?, 1921, Zyuli
  3. Freed Woman! Build Socialism!, 1926, Adolf Strakhov (1896-1979)
  4. Meet the Five-Year Target Figures for the Production of Coal in Three Years, 1931, Adolf Strakhov (1896-1979)
  5. Grain is the Strength and Might of the State, 1952, Tetyana Khvostenko (1924-1982)
  6. For Construction Sites of Communism, 1952, Vasil Karmazin (1917-1968)
  7. Trading is Better Than Warfare, 1952, Olexandr Vorona, (b. 1925)

Themes of War and Revolution
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  1. Join the Red Cavalry!, 1920, Unknown Artist
  2. Vive la III-me Internationale, 1920, Olexiy Marenkov (1888-1944)
  3. "If War Breaks Out Tomorrow...", 1939 Naum Karpovsky (b. 1907)
  4. Train Thousands of New Courageous Parachutists for the Land of Socialism, 1940, Anatoly Devyanin (1911-1986)
  5. The First Steps. From the series "Lenin is Appealng to You, Young people!", 1986, Olexandr Kononov, Evhen Matveyev, Mikhailo Shevchenko (b. 1950, b. 1950, b. 1945)

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